Kamonyi, Kamonyi District, Rukoma Sector, Te: 0788520831, Email:info@sevota.org, web:www.sevota.org Compte: Banque Populaire : 438290201610177

Branch Office

Muhanga, Muhanga District, Te: 0788520831, Email:info@sevota.org, web:www.sevota.org Compte: Banque Populaire : 438290201610177

Main Office

Remera Gasabo District Tel: +250788520831 Email: info@sevota.org website: www.sevota.org Compte: Banque Populaire : 438290201610177

About us

SEVOTA is a “Solidarity for Widows and Orphans for Work and Self-Promotion. Certified by Ministerial Decree n ° 130/11 of September 5th 2008 and published in the official gazette no. Of 30th December 2009. Certificate of Compliance of May 6, 2013 / Rwanda Governance Board (RGB). Its EuropeAid ID No .: RW – 2008 – FAF – 1404132550 SCRA 015344.

It began on 28 December 1994 in Taba, with the aim of re-building human relations destroyed during the genocide. It is expanding its activities in other districts of the country in 2003. SEVOTA helps its beneficiaries to organize themselves in order to analyze their problems and those of the community and find progressively adequate solutions.


To have a society where human dignity is valued, where men, women and children help each other for their full development.


To contribute to improving the position and living conditions of vulnerable households.


Overall objective

To promote programs aimed at the psycho-sanitary, socio-economic integration of female victims of sexual violence

Specific objectives

  • Strengthen the poverty reduction activities of beneficiaries;
  • Mobilize widows, orphans and vulnerable children for a culture of peace, active non-violence, conflict prevention and resolution;
  • To revitalize the positive values ​​of the Rwandan culture based on solidarity, mutual aid and the education of children;
  • Contribute to improving the care and development of orphans, children born to rape and vulnerable children;
  • Contributing to the fight against ignorance and illiteracy;
  • Strengthen environmental protection activities;
  • Facilitate the updating of human vital forces and the organization of activities related to the development, mutual support between traumatized women, victims of violence and children.


Solidarity, Compassion, Dignity

Intervention area

 Republic of Rwanda

  • Headquarters in Remera – Rukoma / District Kamonyi, Southern Province.
  • Liaison Office in Kigali City.

Target group

  • Women victims of sexual violence.
  • Children from rape
  • Vulnerable households (widows and orphans).
  • Community.

Intervention strategies

  • Partnership
  • Organization and support of groups, clubs and forums;
  • Mobilization;
  • nformation – Education – Communication;
  • Participatory action research
  • Advocacy

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