– Psycho-social pathway for survivors of genocide violations perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994, ie 150 women through the Women’s Peace Network (URUNANA rw ‘abashaka amahoro) with the objective of contributing to the self-healing of traumas through spaces of expression and cultural.

– Ndi Umunyarwanda’s socio-economic pathway, with 150 households of married women having lost their lives during the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in 1994 with the objective of contributing to unity and reconciliation through the spaces of ” exchanges on peace and development.

– Support for Entrepreneurship for Women at Risk of Social Vulnerability (SEEFVS), or support for entrepreneurship of 120 unmarried mothers and / or heads of households in the Rukoma and Ngamba (Kamonyi), with the support of PROGETTO Rwanda.


Formal and verbal space every 5th of the month Recreational activities among other traditional and spiritual dance among other prayers

Solidarity support in households

Income generating activities in households, including vegetable farming, raising pigs, cows, goats, sheep and rabbits

A rights campaign around the World Day for the Prevention of Abuse of Children and Young People (19 November) according to the themes of the World Women’s Foundation. There is a Mom and Youth Festival with speakers.

All women beneficiaries of the SEVOTA organization are organized into self-help and solidarity groups that work together through income-generating activities and environmental protection. And young people in clubs for peace and development.